An open audition is one that is advertised in the trade press, or sent to us as an agent and labeled an Open Audition - this means that anybody is able to attend, whether or not they have an agent.  Anyone who is a member of the Artemis Agency will already have been submit for any relevant auditions privately, so do not need to apply for these themselves.

Unless otherwise stated, the auditions posted are not run by, or affiliated with, Artemis Studios or any of its employees.  All information given is reproduced as it was supplied to us and should be checked with the production companies responsible for each audition.

Open Panto Auditions, Bracknell

3 Sep 2011 to 4 Sep 2011
South Hill Park, Bracknell
How to apply: 


Cinderella Auditions

Dear Young Performer,

We would love to see you come and audition for our 2011 Christmas Show which,
this year, is the magical Cinderella! We will be welcoming back Andrew Miller as the
Director, Ann Ogden as the Choreographer, Tim Cumper as the Musical Director, Ali
Ellis as the Head Chaperone and myself as Stage Manager.

Children’s chorus roles will include hunters, sprites and Lord and Ladies of the Land!
We need to put together 3 teams of 12 young people making a total of 36! Wow,
that's a lot!

If you have auditioned for us in the past you will notice that there are some changes
this year, so please check that you read ALL the information below.

There will be 6 audition slots running at two hours each:
Saturday 3rd September: Slots at 10:30am-12:30pm AND 1:30pm-3:30pm AND
4:30pm- 6:30pm
Sunday 4th September: Slots at 10:30am-12:30pm AND 1:30pm-3:30pm AND
4:30pm- 6:30pm
There will also be a call-back day where the children's groups will be decided, and
you will have your costume measurements taken. This will be on Sunday 18th
September from 15.30-17.30. If you are cast you MUST attend this call-back.
There may be some auditions on this day for speaking roles if appropriate.

Performances will run from Tuesday 29 November – Sunday 1 January.
Rehearsals will begin in October and probably run EVERY SUNDAY in the run up to
the production. In the final two weeks before production you will need to be
available during the school week for technical rehearsals. These will run after school
but will finish late. You must be able to do all the rehearsals and the entire run of
shows to take part – no time off will be given for holidays or other commitments
except in an emergency.

Further details: 


South Hill Park Arts Centre in the Dance Studio.


Boys or girls aged between 10 and 16 yrs. You MUST BE TEN BEFORE REHEARSALS
BEGIN IN OCTOBER. Please note that the age range has increased since last year.
Due to the demanding nature of the pantomime schedule and performances we
have increased the youngest age to 10. Children aged 9 may still audition, provided
they have significant stage experience, and will only be cast at the discretion of the
Creative Team and Chaperones.

We can see 20 young people in each slot so please book in advance for a time that
is convenient to you. You can book a slot at South Hill Park box office or by calling
01344 484123. Please note that this year we are going to be charging a £5
administration fee, and this must be paid before the audition day. This fee can be
paid for when booking your time slot.

You will also need to fill out an audition application form, and FAQ's sheet, which
can be downloaded from the audition page on the South Hill Park website:

Please fill this in and either email it to joe.humphrey@southhillpark.org.uk or post it
Joe Humphrey
Company Stage Manager
South Hill Park