Medusa begin movie with guest workshop

Medusa company members have begun the work on their up-coming summer movie. Just before half term, the teen company (all aged 14-20) worked for an afternoon with the BBC writer who is to pen their film. Daren had heard all about the teens, but having done the initial outline for the plot, based on the groups request for something gritty, real and dramatic, he wanted to get to know them as actors. He was very impressed with the high standard in the group - they really are all brilliant actors, and he was raring to get going on the final script by the time he left. Daren will return in the new year to cast the film, which begins full production in January,films in May and June and premiers in July. To see some of the other short (shorter thn the one currently being produced) films made by Artemis and Artemis L.A Ready students over the past 5 years, see our videos page where a small selection have been uploaded. The film is directed by Bart Lee ( The film will also star a popular young ex-Eastenders star - it is a secret at the moment who he is! The film will be shot by a guest team of professional crew. About the writer (in his own words): PRE- TV industry: I worked intitially as a head hunter, meanwhile I trained at various film schools, doing courses in screenwriting, budgeting, and writing and making short films. I also did freelance work as an illustrator and scripted/drew some graphic novel submissions... TV/Film industry: Got into the Film/TV industry, as a Runner, then progressed up to Second Assistant Director, worked on lots of different TV dramas, from psychological thrillers to soaps... Worked on shows like 'Foyle's War', 'Strange' (a fantasy demon hunter show), various ITV/BBC thrillers and comedy dramas, with the likes of Richard Wilson, Ross Kemp, Anna Friel, James Fleet, Benedict Cumberbatch, etc. Also spent a long time working on EastEnders, and a number of EastEnders spin off's. Wanting to concentrate and work in a story area and be more creative, I spent five years working for a number of TV and film companies, where I worked with Writers, Producers, Directors reading and developing scripts, developing TV and feature film projects. I have continued this work, most recently, with a colleague developing a contemporary vampire story. Been at Holby City for three years, working both as a Senior Script Researcher/Assistant Script Editor and Assistant Story Editor. I have been responsible not only for the support of the Writer in the script process, but also devised a long number of the big continuing storylines, characters and story aspects for the show. I am currently working with the Development Editor to write story strands for the show. I have also submitted a number of stories to BBC audiobooks for their Doctor Who range, just finished part one of a spy/serial killer thriller project and will be beginning work on a radio drama script for submission to BBC Radio Drama in Manchester. About Medusa: Medusa is oversubscribed, but we do have a waiting list for any teen who is interested in taking their career up a notch and working with top class, trained tutors, guests, directors and MD's.We don't do big 'book' shows with a cast of 100's and a few favourites in the leads - all our Medusa shows are written for us, or hand picked to ensure EVERYONE gets a fair part. If you want to do big musicals, and are good enough we will put you on the agency books and get you paid work in big theatres.The company is limited to 20 cast members each year. Graduates move into our adult acting courses or vocational full time training (often both!).