Robiodz - Presenter search assisted by Artemis Studios students

Four of our students helped out at the BBC over the summer. Josie Stanton, Stephen Stanton, Grace Key and Rhiann Connor were all sent by our agency to help CBBC pick a new presenting team! The Medusa Theatre Company (Josie) and Triple Threat Advanced (Grace, Rhiann and Stevie) students went in pairs over a number of weeks to help CBBC audition adult presenters for a brand new children's game show - 'Roboidz'. The kids had to pretend to be real contestants, and put the would be presenters through their paces and give their feedback to the production team afterwards. Presenting shows is hard enough - but with tricky customers like cheeky pre-teens and young teens to deal with it is a very difficult job indeed! Our young actors really challenged the presenters, weeding out the weak links! Donna D, Assistant Producer of the show had this to say about our teen team.... "Hi Gemah and Niki, Artemis have been fantastic at helping us out with children for our screen-tests for a new presenter for our brand new adventure CBBC show Roboidz. We really appreciate all your help and the kids have been great, most notably Rhiann - cheeky 12 year old who we all thought was fantastic" And after Josie and Stevie sent their thanks for a really fun day at the BBC studios, Dave C, Producer of the show said... Niki - the thanks needs to be lavished on both yourself and Josie and Stevie. They were excellent and we're glad they had a good day. Three of the children have now applied to do the game show for real (as contestants). A good time was had by all! To find out more about the Artemis agency for professional performing work for actors, singers and dancers from aged 4 - adult, visit the website or phone Gemah or Niki on 01344 429403