Open agency auditions


Artemis AGENCY will be holding open auditions on Sunday 5th May In Bracknell, Berkshire. Time slots allocated upon application (from 12pm) you will be in small groups.

The auditions are free to attend but they will only be seeing 20 possible new clients. 

Who are they looking for on May 5th?

*Actors and musical theatre performers who are aged between 5 & 12, and 16-21. 

Animalphabet off to China!

Artemis peeps off to China with Hit the Mark Theatre!

The award winning children's show, produced by Hit the Mark Theatre is off to re-stage the show in China in June 2019.

Press night - Macbeth
Wishing a wonderful press night to Artemis College student Honey Jones!   Also appearing is Logan Knapp- who is part of Artemis Studios Junior Theatre Company - good luck Logan!   And a big *hello* to Max Puplett (as Macbeth) who was an Artemis Studios student a looong time ago before he went to finish his training in New York.   https://www.southhillpark.org.uk/events/macbeth/

Saturday classes will be NOT BE OPEN tomorrow. 

Little Actors - POSTPONED
Junior Theatre Company Intermediates - POSTPONED
Junior Theatre Company Advanced - POSTPONED


Medusa Theatre Company - 1.45-6pm ** we will assess again at 11am. If the roads are re-cleared, rehearsals will run for those who can make it in. IF YOU ARE IN MEDUSA, PLEASE CHECK FACEBOOK AND THE GROUP CHAT FOR UP TO THE MINUTE UPDATES TOMORROW. 



We will not be running Xtreme Cheer tonight, 1st Feb, as we have declared a snow day. All local schools are shut, and the roads not yet clear.

classes for Saturday and Sunday will be reviewed at 4pm today after consulting the local authorities, and venues to confirm it will be safe to open.

We will update on here, and on our social media. Any classes that don’t run will also have all families involved emailed. 

Catch up rehearsals will be held ASAP later in the term so no one is disadvantaged for exams or competition events.



The weatherman is predicting heavy snow in the coming weeks. However - one persons heavy snow is anothers touch of frost! 

Our snow policy during term time: 

If it snows, we will post before 8am daily to announce the normal opening or temporary suspension of a classes(s). These posts can be seen: 

Here at www.artemis-studios.co.uk on the front page

On our facebook profile 

On our Instagram profile.